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Adventure Time



Adventure Time  is about creating a fun, adventurous and exciting environment. People will get to know each other and learn more about themselves while being challenged in various adventure themed activities together.


Our adventure games are designed for groups of 6 - 20 people, for ages 6 - 120yrs.  Based on your group and interest we will select an adventure theme for the day that will require your wit, grit, creativity and will conjure up all of your collective and individual talents to fulfill the quest that lies ahead of you. 


After we have returned from our quest we will create the space to reflect on our accomplished journey. We will share some insights gained with respect to how we approached diverse objectives and communicated with one another. We will also discuss which solutions were more effective than others and consider how we organized ourselves when presented with new challenges.


By the end of the day we hope you will leave with more riches than you came with, that you found some of your inner treasures, and that you will have a great story to tell!



For information about event pricing and other details please contact us.



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