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The Art of Play


Join the creators of Ubuntu and Heroics and a group of amazing women for a special day of learning through play and laughter. This program will feature a sample of our workshops that explore the transformative nature of play and movement - how we can use them as tools to increase our self-awareness, gain insights on how we learn and organize ourselves and especially use them to allow new ways of thinking, feeling and action to emerge.


The art of play should be practiced throughout our lifetime to ensure a youthful, engaged and dynamic spirit. This event in particular will focus on collaborative play and will nourish your joyful inner kid, while giving you a great opportunity to connect with other fun, progressive minded women in your community. 


Program Games


We will experience a variety of interesting and exciting games and challenges that have to be played and solved together. For example, the whole group will have to make it through the “Space Hole” as fast as possible. How many treasures can we save in the "River Channels" challenge? Can we draw a duplicate of a painting while totally relying on our messengers to describe it? What if part of our group has lost its voice at a time when we must share critical information? How will we communicate? "Team Charades"…laughter guaranteed.


After the main activities we will provide an opportunity for discussion and reflection on how we approached diverse game objectives. The conversation may focus on insights we gained about how we communicate with one another and organize ourselves when presented with new challenges. By the end of the event we hope you will have a few “Aha” moments and have a chance to laugh a lot with each other!


Let’s Play!


Date:        May 31


Time:        2 - 4: 30 pm


Cost:         $ 25


Location:   Be Luminous

               South Lake Union

               900 Lanora St #142

               Seattle, WA 98121


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