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Zanzibar's local development projects

Over the last two years I had the opportunity to travel to and through Africa and during that time I also spent several weeks on the island of Zanzibar a region of Tanzania.


As with every place in the world we can always find ways to to get involved with life and the people who live there and be part of it. So I got to know a group of local people who are getting together on a monthly basis to improve the life on their island and the lives of their communities. One of their main focuses right now is to improve and to take care of waste management on their island. Not only does lots of trash - especially plastic from the sea - wash up on their beaches every day, in addition most places on the island don't have a way to take care of their garbage, again especially of their plastic. The lack of places to collect garbage and garbage trucks to pick it up, makes people just live with the garbage spread out all over the villages, on the streets, around their house and backyards. Often that makes people just try to burn their garbage.

The ZTLD local group goes to a different village every month to put up garbage bins, which they also empty on a regular basis, educate the children about it and go for a big village cleaning together. After that they celebrate and every child receives some books and pencils for school.

If you want to learn more about "Zanzibar's local development" projects or are interested in ways to support their misson, contact us or go to "Zanzibar Tourism and Local Development" Facebook site.

Garbage Bin.jpg

"Local garbage bin"

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