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Ubuntu Spiel  



The village of Ubuntu is filled with excitement and energy as the villagers anticipate their great festival. Once a year the Ubuntu festival is held to celebrate and share the remarkable talents of all their villagers. People from near and far come to be part of this famous spectacle and help transform the village into a magical place.


The Ubuntis, as the villagers are known, are a funny, kind and playful folk. They are well-known and admired throughout the world for their remarkable and ingenious ideas and for their unique talents. They live together in small groups throughout the village area. You can find the Forest Ubuntis in the east, the Mountain Ubuntis in the west, the River Ubuntis in the north and the Flower Ubuntis in the south. The Ubuntis have been practicing and refining their skills throughout the year and are eager to share them. 


Let's celebrate!

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