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Team Up



This event in particular will focus on team play and will give you a great opportunity to connect & strengthen your relationship with each other while fully nourishing your joyful inner kid.


We will play various team games that will bring lots of laughter & excitement, but will require all of your creative & ingenious skills. You will need to team up and use all of your collective and individual talents to solve those very unique tasks presented to you together.


After the main activities we will provide the opportunity for discussion and reflection regarding how we approached diverse game objectives and share some of our ingenious solutions. The discussion may focus on insights we gained with respect to how we communicate with one another and organize ourselves when presented with new challenges. 


At the end of the event we hope you had many "Aha" moments and were laughing a lot with each other.

Let's Play!  


Quest of the day?


River Channels:

All kinds of valuable objects are floating down an imaginary river. Using bamboo tools, how many of them can we safely detour into a new direction and dry destination without touching them? 


Space Hole:

How fast can all of us move through the space hole (Hula Hoop)? There will be many ways to go about it, some more effective than others. 


Team Charades:

One person acting something out for a few people already has its challenges. What about a whole group of people acting something out simultaneously for the rest of us? Laughter guaranteed!



For information about event pricing and other details please contact us.

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