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The Ubuntu team!

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I love to get the kids outside and play. It is wonderful to see them run, have fun, being full of excitement and ideas. 

What a great opportunity for me being able to share some time in the presence of so much honesty, so many free spirits playing in the moment.


Let my inner child run and play with them.

Mantra I live by: Let's play, there is a game for everyone!



Mantra I live by:

“I’m not superstitious but I’m a little-stitious.” –Michael Scott


What I love most about the Ubuntu camps is how good it feels to just goof around and spend time outside with other awesome people. It really puts everything into perspective and shows how important it is to not take yourself too seriously.

My favorite games are Capture the Flag, Telestrations and Austrian Dodgeball.



My favorite games are Capture the flag, Austrian Dodgeball, Dragon, and Frisbee Golf.


What I love most about the Ubuntu camp is how close everyone gets by the end of the camp. At the start everyone just hangs with people they know or their siblings or are off by themselves, but by the end of the camps everyone is together as one big, cohesive group.

"Live for something rather than die for nothing" - George S. Patton

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